About Mrs. Fraifeld

I have been a middle school math teacher for 25 years. I love my job and am passionate about helping students. My website addresses the multiplication and division facts and skills that are essential to being successful in 6th grade math. There are instructional videos on how to do many of the skills I teach in class. I am hoping to help as many students as possible in the most enjoyable way possible!

So how do you use this site?


blog-heading32.jpgHere is how I teach the songs.  It takes about 10 days, an hour a day of practicing them and using them.

  • Introduce a Song.  Sing it 4 times.  Have student try to write down the words of the song.  Sing it 4 times.  Try to write down the words of the song again.
  • Go to Practice! and go through it for the song you are working on.  Follow that up by singing the song 4 times again.  Go through the Practice! again.
  • Depending on the age of the student, start multiplying using the song you are working on memorizing.  Go to Multiply Using Songs and choose the number you are working on.
  • I save the dividing until the song is learned.  I let the students see a few examples from Divide Using Songs every day until they show an interest in picking it up.
  • Keep practicing those songs every day for several weeks!