4 thoughts on “The 8 Song

  1. Hi my name is Reynaldo Lujano and i had you for a math class at Spring Oaks Middle School you might not remember i was one of the bad lujano’s i had in your class which is not a good thing. I came across singing your songs but forgot them i’m glad to see you have a website up. I hope to hear from you & will gladly Appreciated

    Reynaldo Lujano

    • I am looking at your 6th grade picture in my 2005 yearbook!!! Miss Russo and I both adored you!!!! You kids are NEVER as bad as you think you were!!! LOL!
      Great to hear from you, Reynaldo!!! :o)

      • Wow that must be embarrassing I probably look a lot different now lol it was nice hearing from you too maybe one day I’ll stop by and say Hi. I am also looking into starting my career with the U.S Army which is a big goal in my life right now. Is miss Russo still teaching at Spring Oaks Middle school?

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