So how do you use this site?

blog-heading32.jpgHere is how I teach the songs.  It takes about 10 days, an hour a day of practicing them and using them.

  • Introduce a Song.  Sing it 4 times.  Have student try to write down the words of the song.  Sing it 4 times.  Try to write down the words of the song again.
  • Go to Practice! and go through it for the song you are working on.  Follow that up by singing the song 4 times again.  Go through the Practice! again.
  • Depending on the age of the student, start multiplying using the song you are working on memorizing.  Go to Multiply Using Songs and choose the number you are working on.
  • I save the dividing until the song is learned.  I let the students see a few examples from Divide Using Songs every day until they show an interest in picking it up.
  • Keep practicing those songs every day for several weeks!

6 thoughts on “So how do you use this site?

    • No, I have decided that anything larger than 9 is 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. I started out as a special education teacher, and I thought getting through the 9s was enough of a challenge. :o) Mrs. Faifeld

  1. Do you have links for the slides that go with this? It would be great for my students to have the slides to practice with and interact with?

  2. Thank you very much for your songs! They are perfect for my daughter who has been struggling to be able to memorize her math facts for years. She will learn them, but can’t get them to stay in her head two weeks later. She can figure them out, but it is slower than memorizing when doing higher grade math. With your method, the facts stick in her head even over a year or more. She can recall rapidly using the songs. She has always been musically inclined and can remember the tunes very well. We will use songs/music for remembering other things now. I haven’t looked at your book, yet. (Homeschool Mom)

  3. I am impressed. I am teaching pre-schoolers in a rural area of South Africa. The children (4 years old) memorized the “3” song in a one hour class. What is important with this approach is that they enjoy it. I would like to to get some good quality pictures of you and your class room and white board so that I can promote our STEM work and your product and offering.
    Our school is on Facebook “The Lords Abode”
    Thanks in advance.

    Finton Cassidy

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