So how do you use this site?


blog-heading32.jpgHere is how I teach the songs.  It takes about 10 days, an hour a day of practicing them and using them.

  • Introduce a Song.  Sing it 4 times.  Have student try to write down the words of the song.  Sing it 4 times.  Try to write down the words of the song again.
  • Go to Practice! and go through it for the song you are working on.  Follow that up by singing the song 4 times again.  Go through the Practice! again.
  • Depending on the age of the student, start multiplying using the song you are working on memorizing.  Go to Multiply Using Songs and choose the number you are working on.
  • I save the dividing until the song is learned.  I let the students see a few examples from Divide Using Songs every day until they show an interest in picking it up.
  • Keep practicing those songs every day for several weeks!